About the Foundation

About the Champion Education Foundation

The Champion Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefitting low-income students.

Mission Statement

The Champion Education Foundation aims to improve accessibility of advanced learning techniques to benefit students in need of financial and/or educational support. We do this by hosting summer programs and through partnerships with school districts to provide resources and other forms of assistance.

Our Story

Our Board members are very different people but have a common thread: we all learned the transformative power of Speech & Debate first-hand. Each of us started as average, unconfident students with minimal abilities in the realm of public speaking. By participating in Speech & Debate, we all became more confident, better researchers and writers, and more active members of our communities. Indebted to the activity that gave all of us so much, we each chose to give back as teachers and coaches. We now work with students from various backgrounds and varying levels of commitment to their education but one thing is clear - everyone that participates in Speech & Debate grows as a result.

We believe that every single student should have the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world by studying the forensic arts, which is why we founded the Champion Education Foundation. The goal of this organization is to provide free summer education and a plethora of resources to students that wouldn't otherwise be able to benefit from this non-traditional education. Ultimately, we want every student to become a Champion, which we define as "individuals that excel at public speaking, critical thinking, performance, and argumentation while positively contributing to the community."

Why Speech & Debate?

We believe that all students have the ability to succeed in the real world but that they need to develop key skills in addition to the traditional lessons they learn in the english, math, science, or social studies classroom. That's why we believe in applied learning - the practice of applying ideas from extracurricular activities to the overall educational experience.

Speech teaches students the art of persuasion but also the practice of expressing themselves in previously impossible ways. By practicing public speaking, students can become better advocates for themselves and others.

Debate teaches students to think critically about the world. Through analyzing topics and learning to support positions through discourse, students learn about research, writing, and argumentation.

The Foundation exists to fill gaps - the attention gap for low-income students in the public school system, the critical education gap created when students aren't forced to think outside-the-box, and the calendar gap of the summer.

We Need Your Help!

The Champion Education Foundation depends on donations and sponsorships to fund our programs. Any individual or business can engage to benefit students through the Foundation. Please click below to learn more about how you can get involved.